Lunes, Nobyembre 5, 2012

Locksmith Tools for Key Duplicating

Back in the day, making duplicate keys needed tedious hand grind or filing a key blank. The method was hard to perfect, and only a skilled locksmith could do the job. That was then, this is now.

      Locksmiths are professionals you can count on when you are locked out of your car or home. If you need a duplicate key or if you have a lock that has no key, call out for a locksmith. Preston-based locksmiths, for instance, earn about £23,000 per year. Locksmiths use a variety of locksmith tools in their work, whether it’s specialized tools for lock picking and door opening or kits and tools that make duplicate keys. Here are some of the locksmith tools for key duplicating:

Portable System

        Locksmiths who work from a mobile workshop such as in the back of a van or truck use a portable key duplicating system. These sophisticated key duplication system manufactured by various companies allows the user to instantly create a duplicate of any key in hand. To start, the locksmith usually makes a mold of the original key using specialized casting materials. Next, a duplicate key is cast. Portable system kits consist of a metal casting alloy that creates a durable metal key from the mold in about a minute.

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Code Machine

       According to GS Locksmith, the top locksmith website in London that provides consumer tips and advice, certain kinds of key duplicating machines do not require the original key. Rather, to duplicate the key, the key code can be used by a locksmith. Dagenham locksmiths usually use a machine that can create a new key from the code the locksmith enters into machine. This code is available on the original key and gives the locksmith needed information. Code machines can be adjusted by dials, which a locksmith sets to represent the key code, or it can be set by a computer linked to or built into the machine. As of 2012, the prices of key code machines out in the market today start at around £1,250. However, this price can widely vary depending on system enhancements and features.

Direct Duplication

        Commonly, keys may be made by direct duplication. In this process, an original key is fixed into a holder by a locksmith. Ealing locksmiths use techniques to directly fix the key into position for duplication. A specific blank is then selected and placed into another section of the machine. When the machine is operated, a distinctive mechanism tracks the outlines of the original key, and the cutting device engraves these cuts to the key blank. This type of key duplicating machine is widely available and is usually used by locksmiths who work on a fixed location, such as a work office or kiosk. Any keys can be duplicated by a locksmith. Acton has a lot of key duplicating specialist who have blanks readily available. In addition, many direct duplication machines also have the capability to duplicate keys by using the electronic key code.